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GMG has pioneered the use of two of the five elements of Mother Nature, as raw materials for generating visible profit. They are:

  • GMG is a Numero Uno industrial gases manufacturing and marketing Company. The Company uses state-of-the-art Cryogenic Tonnage Air Separation Plants. These plants use atmospheric air as the raw material.
  • GMG, manufacturer and supplier of industrial gases has a network of
    product gas manufacturing Cryogenic Tonnage Air Separation Plants,
    Filling Stations and Branches spread across the length and breadth of the Country. For the details of plants, filling stations and branches.
  • GMG and other Companies of the Goyal Group have a large number of Wind mills. They are generating and exporting wind power to State Electricity grids.
  • Goyal Group Companies are engaged in Construction, Erection and Commissioning of Mini Hydro Electric Power Projects on Build-Own-Operate basis. more