GMG has pioneered the use of two of the five elements of Mother Nature, as raw materials for generating visible profit. They are:


  • GMG is a Numero Uno industrial gases manufacturing and marketing Company. The Company uses state-of-the-art Cryogenic Tonnage Air Separation Plants. These plants use atmospheric air as the raw material.

  • GMG, manufacturer and supplier of industrial gases has a network of product gas manufacturing Cryogenic Tonnage Air Separation Plants, Filling Stations and Branches spread across the length and breadth of the Country.
  • GMG and other Companies of the Goyal Group have a large number of Wind mills. They are generating and exporting wind power to State Electricity grids.


  • Goyal Group Companies are engaged in Construction, Erection and Commissioning of Mini Hydro Electric Power Projects on Build-Own-Operate basis.


Dr. Suresh Goyal, fair by dignity and destined by principles, visualized and aspired to TRANSFORM THE INVISIBLE AIR INTO VISIBLE PROFITS.

From a humble beginning, the Company has achieved gigantic growth over the last 35 years. Through pioneering efforts and Management Philosophy of Dr. Suresh Goyal, the Company is now poised for an exponential expansion and growth.

Vision of Goyal Gases is to remain the leader in the Competitive Corporate World for manufacture & distribution of industrial gases through total Quality, high stipulated standards of purity of products & value addition to services leading to customer‘s delight and first choice.

Customer Satisfaction shall continue to be Motto of Goyal Gases.

Management Philosophy

GMG is a progressive Company. We are committed to be a Market Leader in Quality Industrial Gases business.

We have created a name in the Industrial World through alacrity, dedication, customer satisfaction and cutting-edge Quality Products and Services. We plan to maintain an exponential expansion & continual growth.

At Goyal Family, all our professionals and employees are our real assets, who make laudable contributions to our Vision, Quality Policy, Quality Objectives, Continual Growth and Adaptability to ever changing competition & Operational Efficiency. We maintain high Quality living Standards for our employees commensurate with the prosperity of Company.

Quality Policy

We, at Goyal MG Gases Pvt. Ltd., are committed to ensure Product Quality and its integrity at all times so as to satisfy our customers and endeavour to lead in the globally competitive industrial gas business through timely service, innovative applications, continuous up gradation of technology in the field of cryogenic; industrial; medical gases and related products and self disciplined manpower working in congenial work culture and conducive work environment.

Quality Objectives

  • Ensure Total Quality Systems & Procedures.
  • Maintain integrity of Cryogenic, Industrial, Medical Gases and Related Products.
  • Satisfy the Customer.
  • Improve Work Culture, Work Ethos and create Congenial Work Culture and Environment.
  • Establish Constructive Channels of Communication for Quality Control.