Steel Manufacturing Industry
GMG has a large number of Air Separation Plants installed within the premises of Steel Plants for production and supply of Oxygen, Nitrogen and Argon.

Health Care Industry
GMG supplies Liquid Oxygen, Liquid Nitrogen, Gaseous Helium, Gaseous & Liquid Medical Oxygen and Gaseous Zero/Synthetic Air to hospitals for uses such as Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), Tomography Imaging, Respiratory Therapy, Life Support Systems, Patient Care, Equipment Sterilization, Laser Surgery, Anesthesia, Blood Gas Analysis, Laboratory Cultures etc.

Food & Beverages Industry
GMG supplies Nitrogen and Carbon Dioxide and Dry Ice to the Food and Beverages Industry for preservation of Foods, Carbonization of Beverages, Poultry and Sea-food, Purging; Chilling; Transportation and Food Safety, Improves Productivity at low cost and helps efficacious distribution.

Pharmaceutical Industry
GMG supplies liquid Nitrogen, gaseous Nitrogen, Hydrogen, Helium and other gaseous products to pharmaceutical industry for the manufacture of medicines and bulk drugs.

Metal Fabrication Industry
GMG supplies gases like Oxygen, Nitrogen, Argon, Carbon Dioxide and other Shielding Gases for welding purposes. User industries include Automobile, Ships, Vehicle Chassis, Aircraft, Rail Wagon, Bicycle, Capital Engineering and Equipment Manufacturers.

Petrochemical Industry
GMG supplies Nitrogen and other gases to petrochemical and refineries for manufacture of Polymers, Plastics and other man made Synthetic materials.

Defence forces and Indian Space research Organization
GMG supplies Oxygen, Nitrogen, Speciality Gases and Synthetic / Zero air to Indian Defence Forces and Indian Space Research Organization.

Vegetable Oil Industry
GMG supplies Hydrogen gas for the manufacture of Vegetable Oils.
GMG supplies variety of gases for other uses such as:

  • Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide for water and waste water management.
  • Oxygen for improving combustion technology in Kilns and waste incurvature besides blast furnace under steel manufacturing industry.
  • Nitrogen for circuit board soldering.
  • Hydrogen for automobiles.
  • Gas cutting and welding areas.